St Petersburg, Fl

Nikki was an amazing guide and asset throughout the entire property purchase process: from finding the new home, touring it while I was both in and out-of-state, strategizing and placing an offer in a highly competitive market, coordinating property inspections and advice from various experts, negotiating credits and fixes to the property, coordinating with our mortgage company, closing. We went from the initial tour of the property to keys in my hand in under a month. Even after closing, she is super helpful with anything needed. I highly recommend working with Nikki, especially if you want to get things done right and fast.

Tampa, Fl

I was a realtor for years in North Florida. I don’t carry my license any more due to workload and relocation, so I was concerned about how I was to find a realtor who actually new what they were doing and not just riding this waive of a sellers market. As we know, the market today is easy for realtors to be successful, so this is what I looked for. 1. Competency - do they know the market 2. Motivation - What is their motivator outside of money. 3. Exclusivity - what makes this person different than the thousands of realtors that passed the exam? When I met with Nikki, her knowledge base was phenomenal. She knew about multiple different areas and could advise thoroughly. She never once discussed or communicated that the sale was about her. She was genuinely concerned in providing me what I was looking for. The most important aspect I noticed in Nikki was the attention to detail and the “extra yard” she always went to make sure my experience was positive. Nothing fell through the cracks with her and she kept me on pace to complete my part. Her attention to detail removed my stress. This was huge as I have a full time job and this made her different. What made her Exclusive, was the extra yard. When we put an offer on the property we identified, Nikki took her own time out of her day to drive through the neighborhood at night to see if she felt safe as she knew that was important to me. I knew then she was special. Lastly, we bought an “inexpensive” property but Nikki gave me just as much time and attention as she did her customers buying multi million dollar homes. That was rare to see and a breath of fresh air. I will use her on my next transaction no questions asked.